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Family & Couples

Is your family struggling because:

  • You have differences in parenting and discipline ideas?
  • Your child or adolescent is acting out, having problems in school, or often seems sad or angry?
  • You've had a recent divorce, separation, or other type of loss?

Are you and your partner:

  • Fighting a lot or avoiding each other without resolving anything?
  • Having communication difficulties?
  • Considering divorce or separation?
  • Arguing because of differences in sex drives?
  • Feeling resentful because you have past wounds that have not been resolved?


For 20 years I have been helping families, couples and children in distress.  Family and couple's therapy is not about determining who is right or wrong or about giving advice;  I provide therapy that enables my clients to change patterns of relating and family dynamics that are leading to much conflict.  I assist in determining what is best for your family and help you find joy and peace again.  In addition, I conduct play therapy for younger children to help them work through their difficulties.


Helpful Forms

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